Meet Your Instructor

Todd has experienced good credit and bad credit. His credit wasn't a problem then something happened. Suddenly, credit was a huge problem.

He tried credit repair but it didn't work. So he decided not to use credit anymore. And he didn't use it for a few years. 

When he realized how much this was holding him back, he decided to get back into the credit game.

He looked for someone who was teaching it, but no one was. He checked the credit bureau websites and they said you had to have credit in order to get credit.

This didn’t make sense and didn't help either. He decided to find out on his own. Getting bits and pieces from various places, he figured out how to rebuild his own credit.

But that wasn't enough because in doing his research, he found out that more than half the adults in the country had bad credit or no credit at all. 

At that point, he knew he had to help others so they could have a solution too.

Taking a deep dive into how credit really works, Todd found out details that are not taught anywhere else, including exact actions for quickly improving credit and ways to avoid having credit get worse.

Knowing all this information and using it to help clients one at a time, he decided it was time to make the information more broadly known, writing the book Crack The Credit Code. Today, Todd continues to look for new ways to help others improve their credit and take control of it.